Shakun Davi Dance 

Shakun Davi Dance is a dance collective started by Bisram to recognize and expose parts of the human experience that are often too quickly buried, including identity, grief, trauma, and climate issues. Bisram features chutney, a Caribbean social form done primarily by the Indian diaspora with heavy ties to African diasporic and Congolese movement.  Along with this Bisram hopes to combine social, street, and concert styles to create their own movement vocabulary unique to the collective. (As well as takes inspiration from Black Modern dance pioneer Katherine Dunham to combine concert and social styles such as Modern, Waacking, and other forms that they are currently studying to create a unique voice.)

Bisram created Shakun Davi Dance after finding inspiration through their participation in Kin to the Cove projects. They had the opportunity to create and direct their own works such as For the Depths of Us and My Mother the Sea. Which have influenced their abilites to direct and put on performance. Bisram gathered motivated dancers, who were willing to be experimental, to bring various visions to life. The goal of the company is to utilize these unique voices with varying experiences to create compelling works. The projects have culminated in successful performances with engaged audiences, who have asked "Whats next". These experiences were the blueprints for Bisram's eventual creation of a dance collective, aiming to shed light on the parts of ourselves that we are often afraid to confront. 

Dancers: Graciella, Julianna, Isabella, Lela

Choreographer: Bisram

Production manager: Jenna