Del Essential (2023)

Certified in Non-Profit Essentials (2023)

Certified in Marketing Essentials (2023) 

Street Dance Ambassadorship with City Center (2023)

Emerge Nyc Ambassadorship with Brooklyn Art Exchange (2023)

Summer Intensive Green Space/ Dance Entropy (2022&2023)

Artichoke Ambassadorship with the Artichoke Dance Company (2022)

Socrates Sculpture Park (2017-2021)

Noguchi Museum MYM Program (2017)


Group Exhibitions/Performances: 

Noguchi Museum Closing Show (2017)

Socrates Sculpture Park Socrateens Annual Exhibitions years 2018-2021 

What's Missing by Socrateens cohort for the Monuments Now exhibition (2020)

Fertile Ground Green Space with Shakun Devi Dance (2023)

“My Drunk Dad”, as a part of Gallery Aferro’s Poem Booth (2022)

Land Use Intervention Library with Nora Almeida    (2023)

Communicate Grief at Abrons Art Center with EmergeNYC  (2023)

For the Depths with us with Works on Water and Kin to the Cove   (2022)

W Eto'o Tsana Thesis Performance (2023)

An Enemy of the people directed by Barbara Bosch   (2023)

When Concrete Meets the Sea  (2023)

Solo Exhibitions/Performances:

Green Space Fertile Ground (2022)

Forest Embryo with Idig2learn   (2022)

Forest Embryo with 103rd Open Street (2023)

Livestream Performance for Sarah Cameron Sunde  ( 2020)

Heal with Priscilla Stadler for Sludge  (2023)

Human Clock for 36.5/ A Durational Performance With the Sea (2022)

Water is Life  (2023)

Queer Dance Workshop (2023)

Directing Work and Collaborations: 

We are all Kin to the Cove with Remote Theater Project 

Meh Mudda Deh Sea with Socrates Sculpture Park and Kin to the Cove 


Shakun Devi Dance (2023)

Administrative Experience: 

Co-Facilitation of Kin to the Cove   (2020-2023)

Production Assistant for Leaf on Water with Sarah Cameron Sunde  (2021)


Contributor to Dear future lover, an anthology by Yoda Olinyk (2023)