Meh Mudda Deh Sea 

Meh Mudda Deh Sea, or the standard English translation My Mother the Sea, was a collaborative interdisciplinary performance piece meant to explore our relationships with each other, and the waters that surround us. The event will take place at the cove next to Socrates Sculpture Park and was in collaboration with Kin to The Cove. 

This project was meant to memorialize my mother and be a space for conversations about our waterways and our connections to those we hold dear. 

The day began with a beach cleanup at 1, then we moved on to two vocal performances (1:30-2:00) by Christian Mclean and Rebel Ali, followed by a letter writing session (2:35-:2:45) meant to explore our relationships with those around us. This was done as a form of mindfulness to take in everything we felt for those around us and pay tribute to those bonds. 

Then we had a dance performance (2:25-2:2:30) by Alyssa Arguelles, Danielle Akojenu, and Lexie Aponte who I have danced with for about 4 years. Followed by another vocal performance (2:50-3:00) by Jenna Belabed. Followed by a solo by myself which pays tribute to the domestic abuse my mother endured when she was alive. The event ended with a poem (3:05-3:15) written by me to honor both the waters and my mother. 

My hope for this project is that we are able to see how our relationship to the sea and those around us are one in the same. Like the sea we are constantly moving, pushing and pulling away from one another. 

– Chris Bisram

Performers and Full Ensemble: 

Alyssa Arguelles 

Danielle Akojenu 

Lexie Aponte 

Christian McClean 

Rebel Ali 

Jenna Belabed 

Oscar Portan 

Jamian Ankon 


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Marche Le Woof 

Socrates Sculpture Park 

Kin to the Cove