Moving Sculpture 

Moving Sculpture is a works in progress detailing the experience of feeling dehumanized and the grief that comes from this. Drawing from personal experiences being subjected to condescension, disrespect, and unfair treatment throughout their former training as a sculpture artist, Bisram aims to portray the grief of being belittled and shamed for not existing in a way that pleases or benefits others. 

Bisram combines their background in sculpture, dance, and theater to utilize the human body in a unique way. They liken societal pressures to a sculptor and the human body to clay and other materials, mimicking their distinct qualities through choreography. Bisram connects to the audience through a monologue, a series of questions that they asked themselves during a time when they were belittled and questioning their own self-worth. Through this framework, Bisram creates human sculptures that portray a sense of lacking self. 

Bisram had the pleasure of showing the piece in its earliest stage at the Fertile Ground New Works Showcase hosted at Green Space, a dance studio located in Astoria, Queens. Through this showing (see above video), Bisram was able to test out the piece and receive valuable insight and critique from the audience. This showcase, performed after a handful of rehearsals, was a glimpse into a larger, more ambitious project. Bisram is still work-shopping the piece and plans to present the completed piece in the summer of 2024.