Artichoke Ambassadorship 

The Artichoke Ambassadorship is an environmental arts educational program which teaches artists how to integrate environmental policy and devices to effectively bring attention to and take action around issues surrounding our climate. This program helped Bisram learn how to integrate eco-art activism into their project For the Depths of Us. 

The program was a 6 weeklong ambassadorship which taught Bisram environment legal policies, but about ways art has had an impact on creating a change. Whether that be bringing awareness or having the audience call legal representation to push for bill signage to create effective change. 

Bisram also learned to include elements of climate change and water pollution in their practice. An example is using found plastic bags to make costumes that bring attention to number of plastic bags on the street. 

Bisram valued his studies in the eco-arts under the Artichoke Ambassadorship and will be utilizing it within their new environment- and water-based projects.