Noguchi MYM 

Noguchi Museum's Make Your Mark (MYM) program was an amazing introduction to the art world for young Christopher. It gave them a foundation in sculpture. The Make Your Mark program is a one-month art making program for high school students where they are introduced to different art forms. 

The summer Bisram joined the program was heavily focused on sculpture and learned how to work with different mediums. Bisram and the remainder of the cohort explored mediums from clay to wire and everything in between. Students had the chance to make wearable sculptures. At the end of the program the students displayed the works they created throughout the month, up above are Bisram's favorites made in clay. 

This program helped launch Bisram's career in the arts. These sculptures made under the guidance of the Noguchi Museum staff, made it possible for Bisram to join the Socrateens program at Socrates Sculpture Park.