Sarah Cameron Sunde: 

Sarah and I met the summer of my junior year of high school.  Originally, I was only supposed to dance for the livestream of 36.5, a 9-year project that she created. I instantly fell in love with the project and wanted to learn/help as much as I could. After a few months she invited me to be a part of Kin to the cove, and it was amazing, it felt like an environment where I could truly be myself. After a few months of going to Kin to the Cove events and being around someone as passionate about their work as Sarah, I began to want to learn from her. So, I was super excited when she asked me to be her assistant. We worked together for a few months on a project called Leaf on Water. 

From Sarah I have learned: 

How to: 

Organize notes, 

Write rehearsal reports

Work in a group setting 

How create a successful site-specific production 

Handle and create an aesthetic Instagram feed (even though we disagreed sometimes.)

Talk and communicate with a community

Listen with my entire body and mind. 

Now, when I try to create something coherent, and that people can connect with, I try to echo Sarah. Since she has done this super successfully in many communities around the world. She has in almost full capacity been a driving force in my work. Since I try to use her thought process to make something meaningful. All in all, without Sarah I would not be where I am right now. 

Audrey di Mola:

Audrey and I met on my first day of being a Socrateen. l remember thinking this woman is absolutely amazing. l was right too although we didn't really talk much the first three years of me being at Socrates, besides the occasional staff meeting. I always enjoyed our conversations. On my second year of being a Socrateen I got introduced to Sarah, who I then danced for on September 5th, behold my excitement when I see AUDREY and her crew working the event, I decided to volunteer and help out. Later on, that day Audrey offered me a job. After that, she soon became someone I deeply admire. We worked together for a few months, then later became co-facilitators of Kin to the cove, which grew into this stronger bond. She is like a mother figure and has been of great influence on how I see the world and move throughout it. 

From Audrey I have learned:

How to be good listener 

Be honest with myself 

Curate performances and events 

How to be patient with myself

And how to ask the right questions 

She has inspired me to be a deep listener and do the work that needs to be done. As well as to be kinder to myself and to follow where my heart is taking me, even if the entire world is against me. 

Valerie Green: 

Valerie Green and I met sometime last year in early spring. I had been using her studio Green Space since early January, for my first project as an independent artist. I fell in love with Green Space because its right near home and is honestly just caries a home like feeling to it. This made it home-base for the project. When I finally met Valerie it was a very warm welcome. She somehow already knew my name and started inquiring about myself and who I am. Soon after I applied to be a part of Fertile Ground, where Valerie gave me amazing advice for a piece I am still working on to be showed. That night I asked to join Green Space as staff throught the work study, and a week later she emailed me about the position. It was a moment filled with glee and disbelief. I was beyond happy to have joined her and to have her be a part of my dance journey. 

From Valerie I have learned: 

How to be an effective dancer 

How to create powerful choreography 

What it takes to make a meaningful and successful performance 

The smaller intricacies of what it takes to run a successful dance business 

How to be more tech savvy (I am not very good sadly...still learning) 

All in all, I am so thankful for Valerie for teaching me what she has. I can't wait to continue being a part of Green Space and Dance Entropy in any capacity. 

Alexandra Aron

Alex and I met around mid-May 2022. I was so excited to meet her after hearing about her from Sarah. She does amazing theater work around Immigrants and refugee work. She became a role model for the theater part of my brain. I want to be able to create works that tell meaningful stories and hopefully work on a global scale like Alex has. She has such an amazing and genuine sould and has really taught me about my value as an artist and helped me see that anything is possible if I just let myself have it. 

From Alex I have learned: 

Amazing research skills 

How to put on amazing theatrical works 

What a theater piece should look like and what to omit to make a more powerful piece 

To trust my instincts

Alex has been one of the few people who truly gave me their trust. She trusted me a complete stranger right off the bat to cultivate and create a meaningful performance and it means the world to me that she did. For it has helped me to trust my instincts.